Dow index outlook for 31.

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Today dow will end at +45


Short shares

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Amount of shortining jumped to 3.1% of total share listed in nyse.Short interest is 11.8 Billion shares.This huge amount is a big cushion if the market falls since investor have to cover their position which will jack up the price.After GDP data on 31 share will surge leaving shorters gaping!

shanghai express

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A share markets PE ratio in shanghai exchange is just 31.In 2006 listed companies net profit is 45.81%yoy.First quarter result for the year indicate that this year profit will be 70%.So PE  will be in check.CSI300 will cross 5000 soon after todays technical correction.I expect China to introduce capital gain tax on equity investment and permiting of shortening of shares soon.

Dow index prediction outlook for 30.Bull or Bear

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Yesterday midnight china xinhau news announced raising of trading tax from 0.1 to 0.3%.Dow was at +55 when news reached USA. stocks started to slide and at the end dow rebounded and closed at +14.Today shanghai falled -282 and bears are expecting a replay here.Yesterday itself market have discounted that news.FOMC minutees will show that members expect inflation to cool.Dow will end at +55 .

Dow index prediction outlook for 29

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Today Dow will end at +75 on bullish consumer confidence report.For the last 1.5 months a sectoral rotation is taking place.some sectors are gaining momentum and some are weakening.In bond and forex markets a trend is building up.

Dow index prediction outlook for 25

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Another technical correction is over.The market will report that yesterdays selloff was an overreaction.Today dow will end at +70

Order for durable goods indicator

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Durable goods account for 15% of GDP.Excluding transport new orders for manufactured durable goods rose by 1.5%.However inventory rose by 0.5% and The non defense orders for capital goods DECREASED by 0.8%.Initial claims on unemployment rose by 15,000 compared to last week.However 4 month average decreased by 3,500. Sales of new homes jumped the most in 14 years.

Outlook for 24

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Today two indicators will be released.Order for durable goods will show a weakening which is bullish for the index on expectation of rate cut..New home sales will show a slight improvement.Dow will fall to -45initially before gaining up to +35.

Outlook for 23 may

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The meeting in washinton between China and USA on economy has added a bit of unstabily to the market. Any invester who wish to know the present market has to have a good grounding in FOREX.The selloff on feb 27 was caused due to intrest rate hike by BOJ .Yesterday dow increased by +42 before settling down at -2.9..Today dow will fall by -45 points before settling up at +20.

ICC indicator show robust world growth

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International chamber of commerce has released its indicator which says that world economic growth is going to show robust growth in second half of the year.Its growth expectation index rose to 93 from 91.2. Yen falled to 3 months low to dollar on expectations that japans investers who get bonus in june will channel it to foreign investment.April minutes of boj say price is stable short term..

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