Stock market forecast for 2010

January 5, 2010 at 2:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

From January first week another burst of energy will carry Dow index up to 11664 which shall occur during middle of August 2010.January will be a bull month . From August the market shall see a correction which shall take Dow up to 8649 in November.

Metals ,agro and energy will the leaders. The boom in commodity will be caused by increase in demand by a buoyant world economy and hoarding by cash rich country like China to disinvest its paper dollar surplus .

Underperformers will be the real estate,infrastructure sectors and the banking sector which will be subject to volatility .

Oil will cross 80 in the first week of January 2010 and reach 100 by end of January 2010 and will be in the range of 120 to 140 for the whole year.

Gold will not go down below 1040 and shall trade between 1040 and 1207.

 Euro will have the steepest fall and by the middle of 2010 shall precipitate a crisis in European banks .

Dollar will be the fastest rising currency. World Markets will start to decline by august 2010 and the trigger will be caused by Bank of Japan increasing its interest rate which shall unwind the carry trade.


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